San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano’s equine identity continues to be at the very heart of what makes the City authentic and special. For centuries, our unique equestrian culture has evolved and flourished within the local working ranches and the community that embraced the unique lifestyle. It is not uncommon to see groups of riders on the trails and a multitude of community-centered events and gatherings that feature the equine-human partnership. The history of the area is steeped in the Ranch’s tradition. Roping, reining, and running cattle are the roots of many Western sports today. 

Surrounded by rolling hills and endless riding and hiking trails, the historic town is nestled in the base of a beautiful valley with the Mission of San Juan Capistrano at the center of it all. At the heart of this quaint town is the well-preserved Los Rios District, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the state of California, with buildings dating back to 1794. Relatively small in size, downtown San Juan Capistrano has a little bit of everything including a movie theater, petting zoo, art gallery, and a newly built luxury hotel that are all within walking distance to the historic landmarks, shops, restaurants, bars, and unique entertainment venues. The nearby train depot offers visitors direct access from the San Diego and Los Angeles metropolitan areas.